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Introducing Clan: Full-Stack Computing Redefined

In a digital age where users are guided increasingly toward submission and dependence, Clan reclaims computing and networking from the ground up.

Clan enables users to build any system from a git repository, automate secret handling, and join devices in a secure darknet. This control extends beyond applications to communication protocols and the operating system itself, putting you fully in charge of your own digital environment.

Why We're Building Clan

Our mission is simple: to restore fun, freedom, and functionality to computing as an open source project. We believe in building tools that empower users, foster innovation, and challenge the limitations imposed by outdated paradigms. Clan, in its essence, is an open source endeavor; it's our contribution to a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around.

How Clan Changes the Game

Clan embodies a new philosophy in system, application, and network design. It enables seamless, secure communication across devices, simplifies software distribution and updates, and offers both public and private network configurations. Here are some of the ways it accomplishes this:

  • Nix as a Foundation: Imagine a safety net for your computer's operating system, one that lets you make changes or updates without the fear of causing a crash or losing data. Nix simplifies the complexities of system design, ensuring that updates are safe and systems are more reliable.

  • Simplified System Deployment: Building and managing a computer system, from the operating system to the software you use, often feels like putting together a complex puzzle. With Clan, the puzzle pieces are replaced by a set of building blocks. Leveraging the power of Nix and Clan's innovative toolkit, anyone from tech-savvy administrators to everyday users can create and maintain what we call "full-stack systems" (everything your computer needs to run smoothly).

  • A Leap in Connectivity: Imagine if you could create private, secure pathways between your devices, bypassing the noisy and often insecure internet. Clan makes this possible through something called "overlay networks." These networks are like private tunnels, allowing your devices to talk to each other securely and directly. With Clan's built-in overlay networks and automatically configured services, connecting your devices becomes seamless, secure, and hassle-free.

  • Security Through Separation: Clan employs sandboxing and virtual machines, a technology that runs code in isolated environments - so even if you explore new Clans, your system remains protected from potential threats.

  • Reliable: With Clan, your data and services are preserved for the long haul. We focus on self-hosted backups and integration with the Fediverse, a network of interconnected, independent online communities, so your digital life remains uninterrupted and under your control.

A Glimpse at Clan's Features

  • Social Scaling: Choose between creating a private sanctuary for your closest contacts, a dynamic space for a self-contained community, or embracing the open web with public Clans anyone can join.
  • Seamless VM Integration: Applications running in virtual machines can appear and behave as if they're part of your main operating system — a blend of power and simplicity.
  • Robust Backup Management: Keep your data safe forever - never worry about cloud services disappearing in 10 years.
  • Intuitive Secret Management: Clan simplifies digital security by automating the creation and management of encryption keys and passwords for your services.
  • Remote Install: Set up and manage Clan systems anywhere in the world with just a QR scan or SSH access, making remote installations as easy as snapping a photo or sharing a link.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Clan is for anyone and everyone who believes in the power of open source technology to connect, empower, and protect. From system administrators to less tech-savvy individuals, small business owners to privacy-conscious users, Clan offers something for everyone — a way to reclaim control and redefine how we interact with technology.

Join the Revolution

Ready to control your digital world? Clan is more than a tool—it's a movement. Secure your data, manage your systems easily, or connect with others how you like. Start with Clan for a better digital future.

Connect with us on our Matrix channel at or through our IRC bridges (coming soon).

Want to see the code? Check it out on our Gitea or on GitHub.

Or follow our RSS feed!

Join us and be part of changing technology for the better, together.